• Published On: June 5, 2023

    Any queen who’s had to wait for a train at Granville Station knows the dangers involved. Even some of the staff there are homicidal! Then there’s the junkies, loiterers, all the thugs from Granville Boys High; it’s not a safe station. Full stop. And if you’re stylish, like me? Forget it. But, taking my chances there, was going to be preferable to being stuck in our Vauxhall a second longer with my dad. He was sulking again. Giving me the silent treatment. ‘If it was up to me,’ he said, finding his tongue, when he dropped me off, ‘You wouldn’t be going.’ ‘I know.’ ‘Don’t forget to call your mother.’ ‘Sure Dad,’ I said. I got out of the car and forgot about him. I sashayed up the ramp to the ticket booth, while idiots, who didn’t even know it was 1975 already, stared. Looking straight ahead, I walked through [...]